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About Kibbutz Ortal

Kibbutz Ortal is located 910 m above sea level, Between Mount Shiphon and Mount Avital & Bental which were the insparation for the Kibbutz name.
This is a cooperative secular kibbutz , thet Conserves on the one hand the values of cooperation and on the other the advancement of the individual as the supreme value.
In May 1978  settled in the Kibbutz veterans of the Nahal core of Tzofim movment.  Kibbutz Beit Ha-Shita adopted the young kibbutz,
In September 1978 the Kibbutz officially inaugurated the 27 kibbutz in Ramat-Hagolan.

Livelihoods Farming - orchards, vineyards, crops, cattle, chicken coop and north barn'sh among the tourist attraction and a number of different initiatives.
Partnerships: The Golan Heights Winery, Golan fruits, Ramat-Hagolan dairy.
Education: Education in Kibutz Ortal is the main focus, there are Ortal nurseries, cinder garden and an informal incapacitating that is active and vibrant.

For the vacationers:
* supermarket 

Opening Hours :

Sun 7:00-18:00  
Mon 7:00-14:00
Tue 7:00-17:30 
Wed 7:00-17:30 
Thu 7:00-19:00 
Fri 7:00-14:00

* Laundry: By appointment.
* Fild: football, basketball.
* Animals area: open every day 9:00-15:00
* Convetions hall for rent: events and social gatherings in coordination with the admissions office.

Kibbutz in Ramat Hagolan- A green way to see Israe

Golan Heights Kibbutz accommodation, has always considered to be a peacefull way to experiance Israel becouse of the green environment, the rich landscapes and various attractions. That is the reason why it is the number one place among tourists and vacationers Israeli-couples and families. Golan Heights Kibbutz accommodation becomes more and more common due to their ability, to calm the mind from noise of everyday life.

Celebrate Love in the Golan Heights

Looking for a luxurious and romantic place to celebrate your Love? Golan Heights Kibbutz accommodation is perfect for the purpose of this goal. Golan Heights is one of the few places in Israel and in the world  from which you can witness the beauty of creation in an amazing panoramic view, where the stars shine and illuminate the sky even during the darkest year. A romantic trip during a vacation in the Golan Heights and then back to the cabin of your own is enough to allow you to return the love and and regather your energy suplies.

A completely free attraction is a moonlight hike. It is most recommended in of the hottest days of spring and summer, including the Golan climate is particularly convenient for a pleasant walk and even cycling for two.