kibutz ortal the untold story

A unique guest experience for the whole family- Kibbutz style hospitality in the breathtaking Northern Golan Heights. 

The guest experience at Kibbutz Ortal hospitality is hard to explain in words.

Each season of the year offers different exciting adventures. All set in the rural north with priceless silence and views which not many places can compete. Kibbutz Ortal offers its visitors a glimpse of the simple Kibutz life, just as it used to be.

We invite you to visit our private piece of paradise, to enjoy the peace and nature through a variety of attractions and activities for the whole family.

As close to nature as it gets

Our rural accommodations offer couples, families and groups the enjoy the peaceful Golan Heights alongside a huge selection of attractions and entertainment within close vicinity. Tours, trips, natural streams, workshops, dining and wineries – it’s all here, all that’s left is to choose.

Ortal’s story

Kibbutz Ortal Hospitality story starts with a green piece of paradise, in the heart of the wild and vast natural surroundings of the northern Golan Heights. Between Mount Shifon and the mountains of Avital and Bental, you will find a renewed kibbutz, one that continues to preserve the value of partnerships and reciprocity ever since its beginnings. 

The young kibbutz was established in 1978, maintaining a kibbutz lifestyle just like it used to be, in which the members of the kibbutz are partners in productivity and local agricultural. A dining room, agricultural growing, a barn and chicken coops – on holiday at Ortal Hospitality our guests enjoy a collective experience and opportunities to taste life through the variety of attractions that our beautiful area has to offer.

The accommodation complex is located right inside the kibbutz and exists in exact harmony with the intimate community life of the 45 families who live there. The guests of the complex enjoy a visit to the various branches of the kibbutz and its services, including the dining room – the iconic symbol of the kibbutz and a unique experience, the horse ranch adjacent to the accommodation complex, offroad ATV trips in the kibbutz vicinity and the surrounding agricultural areas, a visit to the Tel Shifon winery located inside the kibbutz, and a variety of other activities in the area. 

Our accommodation complex is suitable for all family types, for small and large groups, and offers a variety of rooms depending on the type of vacation you are looking for. If you feel like a romantic vacation in a European atmosphere, you can enjoy a pampered setting in our wooden cabins nestled within a beautiful towering pine grove. If you are looking for a family vacation in the north and a pleasant place to spend a few days of silence, our studio rooms will be an exact solution for your needs. For organized groups, weddings and events, we have the availability of a dedicated private complex with extremely flexible accommodation solutions for any unique requests.


Inside the accommodation complex there is a spa that offers a variety of touch treatments in our relaxing treatment room. A short drive away, you can enjoy a huge selection to fill itineraries with attractions suitable for the whole family.

We look forward to hosting you and giving you a unique kibbutz experience with the nostalgic feelings of the past.

For contact, call: 04-6488095